Software Engineering

I’m active on both GitHub and Bitbucket, below are some of my favorite software projects that I have either been the team lead on, or been a part of a bigger team. Most of the projects below I project managed and co-developed on. To read the retrospective report for each project, just click on the project to learn more.

Bubble Social App

Java, Objective-C, Swift, AngularJS, Parse

Menu Innovator Reporting App

C#, .NET 4.5, AWS EC2, AWS RDS,


Java, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Angular 5/7, AWS ECS, AWS Cloudfront, AWS API Gateway, AWS Step Functions, AWS SWF, Kafka, AMQP, Docker

Managemove Connector

Java, Spring Boot, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, MongoDB, Jenkins Pipelines

Knightspeed Moving Website

WordPress, Jenkins Pipelines, AWS EC2, Docker

Health Insurance Quote Shop Custom Forms

React, Redux, AWS S3, AWS Cloudfront, Jenkins Pipelines