Hi, my name is Doug Woodrow.

I’m a part of an underground movement of programmers and business people that you’ve probably never heard of. We are automating the next generation of businesses, we don’t accept the status quo. We believe that businesses that don’t run on the computer are the businesses of yesterday, old news. We believe that the business of tomorrow lives in no one place or time, that a business owner can work & live wherever and whenever they please. We know that with automation, business owners could be saving the most valuable resource, time. Time they could making an impact. I was put here to bring that message to humanity, in a humane way.

Because I know we are up against a world running in the past, I need to be different. Every moment spent in the right way will save others countless moments. I take risks and fail often, I learn and become better with every experience.

If you asked any business owner that is living in the past, they would tell you what I am doing is crazy, too complex, out of reach. Yet everyday, the world is becoming automated.

I see past these objections, I know what I’m are doing is changing lives. I know that I will change the world.